Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Happy New Year!
Upcoming Dates to Remember:
No School Monday, January 16 MLK Day
No School Tuesday, January 17 Teacher Inservice
February Break- February 25- March 7

The students have been hard at work learning about multi-digit addition and subtraction, working with scenarios that have to deal with multiplication, solving multi-step word problems, and continuing to work on addition and subtraction fluency.  As students get close to 100% fluent on Reflex Math, they will be switched to Multiplication and Division facts.  We have had about 11 students that have already been switched.  Great Work! Throughout January and February, we will really focus on multiplication and division facts, word problems, and play lots of games that use these skills.

Spelling- We are finishing our unit on Contractions this week and will move onto Open Syllables and Multi-Syllable words using open syllables.

We spent most of December working on Force and Motion and how observing the motion of an object can predict future motion.  The students worked on an experiment with a skateboard and ramp.   They tested whether increasing the height of the ramp would change how far the skateboard went down the ramp.  After that experiment, we talked about variables and how to make a test fair, you can only change one variable at a time.  Each group of students changed one variable and tested what happened.  They then used the results from their experiment to predict the future motion of the object.  For example, some students tested whether a heavier skateboard would go farther down the ramp.  They found out that it did.  I asked them the question, what would happen if you had an even heavier skateboard going down the ramp?  Before vacation, we started our look into magnets by exploring different kinds of magnets. We will continue working on Magnets and Static Electricity for the remainder of January.
Students in Mrs. Conger's Homeroom make "Gingerbread" Houses with their K Buddies

During Our Holiday Celebration, students played "Face The Cookie"
During Our Holiday Celebration, students also played "Jingle in The Trunk"



    In literacy, we have been working with nonfiction books. With our new reading and writing workshop model, students can better understand text with this on-going process. Both reading and writing workshop time compliment each other in content and focus.
    We are now working on narrative reading and writing. Students will have a multitude of avenues to express themselves through writing. Our read-aloud book is Stone Fox. We use this text to practice strategies we are learning in our workshop. Students also have an independent reading book that is used to practice their skills independently.

Social Studies
We will be working on the first people who inhabited Vermont. Also, why did England want Vermont? Other questions to drive instruction, Why did New York and New Hampshire feel that Vermont belonged to them? Who were the Green Mountain Boys?

Book Orders
I am handing out the new book orders this week. You may also may order on line using my code DX3LT when you first go to the parents portion of the Scholastic site.

Friday, November 4, 2016


Math- In math class, students have been working on rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100, adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers, counting and exchanging money, and we will be starting some lessons on multiplication and division using real world situations.  Students will work with a partner to come up with more efficient ways of counting groups of objects.

Science- In science, we are finishing our unit on Weather and Climate with our final project "Don't Flood The House".  Students will use classroom materials to stop a "Flood" from getting to their paper houses.  After this experiment is completed, we will be learning about forces and how their interact such as how can you move an object without touching it?  How can you observe the motion of an object and predict future motion?

Spelling-  We are finishing a very quick review unit on V-E syllables with a Test this THURSDAY, November 10.  Not Friday like it says on the spelling homework paper.  We will then work on V-E exceptions and the silent e spelling rule.

Our trip to the Historical Society was a huge success!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

K Buddies

Mrs. Conger's Homeroom has been meeting and reading with our Kindergarten Buddy Classroom, Mrs. Callahan's Class.  We started with just a getting to know you, then had snack and created applesauce with them, and this past week we shared some of our favorite books from when we were little.  The Kindergarten students are enjoying their time with us and ask Mrs. Callahan when they will see us next all the time.

Mrs. Charron Helps Students Peel an Apple

Reading With Our K Buddies

Math and Science

In Math, the students have been working on using place value to add and subtract 2 digit numbers.  They have played games, explored concepts, and solved multi-step problems in their math journals.  Students have been introduced to the Math Menu and have been completing everything on the list for the past few weeks.  The students have been working hard and have made a smooth transition into 3rd grade.

In science, we have been learning about weather and climate.  We started with learning about thermometers, how to read and interpret graphs, and have just finished a look at different climate areas around the world such as polar, desert, tropical, temperate and cold.  Students completed an assessment this past week.  We are now going to start looking at hazardous weather and how citizens protect their houses and themselves from these kinds of weather. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Welcome to Mrs. Conger's and Mrs. Rich's Explorer's Learning Community Blog!
That is a mouth full!  

We are very excited to start this 2 year journey with you and your child.  Please feel free to contact us by phone, note or email anytime you have questions or need to let us know something.  We are off to a great start and everyone is falling into the routine of third grade nicely.  We have had a few speed bumps and are working them out but you may find that you child needs to write a note to you about something that they did in class that we would like to stop.  Please talk with your child about what happened in class and sign the bottom of the note so we know you saw it.

We have been doing lots of positive things in the classroom and the students have already earned 2 celebrations.  We had ice cream for snack one day and Thursday, we went outside to have a picnic lunch.  Unfortunately, the bees really liked the sweet cinnamon apples we had!